Wisdom of the Spirit.

Acts 6:10 “But they could not withstand the wisdom and the Spirit with which he was speaking.” Brethren, when Stephen was doing many signs and wonders among the people, the religious leaders sought to stop him, because Stephen was bringing many to see the power of God Himself, which would bring them to know Christ as LORD instead trusting in the religious institutions of the religious leaders. Those men/women who have book knowledge on the LORD-that doesn’t mean that they have intimate and practical relationships with Him. I’ve had to learn that with knowledge should come the wisdom gained through experience in walking closely with the LORD. Remember, the apostles were all regular working men. Throughout your day today, don’t just rely on your knowledge of the LORD, but as we see in Acts, pray that the Holy Spirit becomes the guiding light that not only suprecedes the intelligence of men, but leads people through his wisdom, to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.


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