Monthly Archives: June 2014

God knows more than we do.

Jeremiah 15:11 “The Lord said, ‘Have I not set you free for their good? Have I not pleaded for you before the enemy in the time of trouble and in the time of distress?” Have you ever went to God and simply said “why me!?” Jeremiah had this moment here. He was God’s spokesman, and […]

Pride’s folly.

Jeremiah 13:9-10 “Thus says the Lord: Even so will I spoil the pride of Judah and the great pride of Jerusalem. This evil people, who refuse to hear my words, who stubbornly follow their own heart and have gone after other gods to serve them and worship them, shall be like this loincloth, which is […]

Family and The Gospel.

Jeremiah 11:19 “But I was like a gentle lamb led to the slaughter. I did not know it was against me they devised schemes, saying,“Let us destroy the tree with its fruit, let us cut him off from the land of the living, that his name be remembered no more.” Amen, brethren Anathoth was the […]

What have I done?

Jeremiah 8:6 “I have paid attention and listened, but they have not spoken rightly; no man relents of his evil, saying, ‘What have I done?’ Everyone turns to his own course, like a horse plunging headlong into battle.” Brethren, Jeremiah speaks in the 8th chapter about Jerusalem’s treachery and sin before the LORD. He confirms […]

The Joy of Repentance.

Jeremiah 3:25 “Let us lie down in our shame, and let our dishonor cover us. For we have sinned against the Lord our God, we and our fathers, from our youth even to this day, and we have not obeyed the voice of the Lord our God.” Brethren, Jer. 3 ends with a repentant statement […]