Ezekiel 44

Ezekiel 44:9-10 “Thus says the Lord God: No foreigner, uncircumcised in heart and flesh, of all the foreigners who are among the people of Israel, shall enter my sanctuary. But the Levites who went far from me, going astray from me after their idols when Israel went astray, shall bear their punishment.” Brethren, at this point in Ezekiel’s vision, God’s glory fills the temple through the north gate and directs Ezekiel to speak against the Levitical priests who allowed foreigners (heathen) who were uncircumcised both in heart and flesh, to become members of God’s covenant community. These Levitical priests were also partakers of the foreigners idolatry, and as a result, barred from servicing God before the altar, and given the responsibility of atonement for the foreigners in the camp. You see how God is slow and patient? He could’ve easily struck down both the foreigner who transgressed and the priests who fell to idolatry, but instead He kept their lives, and had the Levites maintain responsibility for the sins of the foreigners. Most of the time, when we transgress, that’s the point where, though we deserve eternal damnation, God in His patient and ensuring love, will bring about difficulties or responsibilities that will cause humility and repentance to result within a person. Ultimately, for our sinful character to become, through te regenerate power of the Holy Spirit, to become more like His holy character. Lastly, it’s beautiful to see how God cares or both the priest and the foreigner. Never think that God discounts the salvation of one or the other, when He’s clearly whispered His plan throughout the whole of His Word. God bless you.

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