The Most Holy Place

Ezekiel 41:4 “And he measured the length of the room, twenty cubits, and its breadth, twenty cubits, across the nave. And he said to me, “This is the Most Holy Place.” Amen brethren. As Ezekiel’s guide begins to measure the schematics of The Inner Temple (The place where sacrifices would be presented by the High Priest to the Most Holy Place), Ezekiel is informed by his guide of the measurements to The Most Holy Place because he reverently stays outside and dares not to go where God would dwell. It could’ve been the times because Ezekiel was under the old covenant where only the High Priest could go in The Most Holy Place, and atone for the annual sins of the people. At the same time, for us, though we live under grace, we still reverently respect and glorify the LORD with our obedience by following His Word. We do not throw off what was old, but we embrace it all the more because Christ secured the debt for us. We live to serve God reverently now. Not because we won’t eat into Heaven, but because Yeshua has secured our place in Heaven with His blood, death, resurrection and ascension. Let us be humble and reverent throughout our days like Ezekiel was here. Don’t become complacent in your walk with Christ-how could we!? Always remember the grace of the finished work of Christ, and let that propel your obedience and thirst for God. God bless you.

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