Thus says the LORD?

Ezekiel 22:28 “And her prophets have smeared whitewash for them, seeing false visions and divining lies for them, saying, ‘Thus says the Lord God,’ when the Lord has not spoken.” Brethren, this entire chapter, God reveals the sin of Israel ranging from not keeping the Sabbath to committing lewd acts with women on the menstrual period. The crimes of Israel are listed as God shows that He is justified in pouring out His wrath over the nation. God doesn’t have to give reason to us, but He always does so that we are without excuse. One crime is where the prophets prophecy falsely saying, “This says the LORD GOD” but God had not spoken. Today, I believe that the Holy Spirit still works (continuist) in tongues (other languages for evangelism or heavenly for edification) and prophecy SO LONG as it coincides with the Word of God. If prophecy is not confirmed by how God operates in the Word then I’d seldom take what is said. This is not done to be restrictive or any such thing, but to truly examine and test all things. I see an innocent gullibility in Christians today where anything is excepted and not challenged while God’s character is left smeared with irreverence like it was in Ezekiel 22. If anyone today were to say “Thus says the LORD” you can automatically disqualify such things, because the workings of the Holy Spirit’s gifting’s in us have been left limited (1 Cor. 13:8-10) until Christ’s return. To speak for God so lightly is severely wrong and obviously punishable in Ezekiel 22, so why isn’t it today? Because people hear what they want to hear and believe what they want to believe. First and foremost we must all be broken and lead by God’s Word and His Gospel, not by signs and wonders. Be discerning today and stand for God’s perfect Word. God bless you!

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