Judgment of Moab

Jeremiah 48:42 “Moab shall be destroyed and be no longer a people, because he magnified himself against the Lord.” Glory to The Lord of hosts! Brethren, the nation of Moab was a common foe of Israel. They regularly attempted to ally against the nation to overthrow it, and were not even allowed, as a nation, to worship Yahweh. Imagine that! A nation was especially restricted by God to not be allowed to worship Him. After many years of Moab living in self-reliability and confidence, God has finally appointed the nations judgment due to its magnification against the LORD and His chosen servant of destruction, the nation of Babylon. God appoints a time of judgment, and at the very end of this chapter, reinforces His plan of post-redemption for Moab, after God’s judgment. This most likely occurred through God’s grace for the nation of Moab to receive the good news of Yeshua when He walked on earth during His incarnation and ministry. Be amazed at God’s sovereignty and His outpouring of grace today. How He allows sinners to breathe this morning and wake up to test God, and God-willing, that this will be the day of their salvation. God does EVERYTHING with a purpose, including making you. Don’t live in the pride of your own life, but live for the LORD and learn His attributes. What a glorious God we serve! God bless you.

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