God tests, and God knows.

Jeremiah 20:12 “O Lord of hosts, who tests the righteous, who sees the heart and the mind, let me see your vengeance upon them, for to you have I committed my cause.” Brethren, just a bit of background, Jeremiah is pleading his case towards God of being persecuted by the “priest” of Jerusalem, Passhur because of Jeremiah’s preaching the Word of God. It’s what Jeremiah say that I want to reflect on today. God tests the righteous. Though Jeremiah is a special case as a prophet of God, we who submitted to Christ are elected unto salvation. As a result, God tests us with the intention to refine us into the image of His Son, Jesus Christ. It’s funny to me when many Christians get frustrated with “problems”. That just reveals their poor theology to me. God knows ALL things, and purposes all things. Nothing is outside of His will! Why do we become anxious or self-defeating when we look at the trouble instead of remembering that God obviously ordained it to come to your doorstep? Next, The Lord sees our mind and our heart, or literally our kidneys (inner parts). This means that God sees your sinful motives long before you act upon them. We all really need to study and grow theologically because all of this KLOVE/TBN “Christian” cotton-candy bed-time story stuff is COMPLETELY not biblical. Learn about the LORD, and become humbled in yourself. The more you grow in God, the more smaller you become, praise God! Stop with all of these self-motivational mysticisms and constantly look to the Lord’s greatness and His uprightness, righteousness, perfection, and justice. It is in Him that we are humbled and rely. Be strengthened today and learn about His character. God bless you.

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