God knows more than we do.

Jeremiah 15:11 “The Lord said, ‘Have I not set you free for their good? Have I not pleaded for you before the enemy in the time of trouble and in the time of distress?” Have you ever went to God and simply said “why me!?” Jeremiah had this moment here. He was God’s spokesman, and God would not relent His judgment over Jerusalum for their many sins against the LORD. Thus, Jeremiah felt the weight of speaking God’s Word as the bearer of horrid news, and began to see its effects, as his own people began to shun Jeremiah. God would soon bring judgment over Jerusalem, and Jeremiah couldn’t see the good that would come from it. This is where God reassures Jeremiah, as we should be reassured. God is omniscient (all-knowing). He knows more than we do, and owns all things in existence, to which He can do as He pleases. At the same time, He is a perfect loving, and good God, and does not leave His elect to be scorned for all time. God reassures Jeremiah that He has a reason for the bad times, and the persecutions. Jeremiah couldn’t see it, but we are vessels that live off of a future hope that we cannot see, so how should such a thing be foreign to us? Today, though you may go through trials and persecutions for the sake of God, know that God has purposed and planned all things. Stand in faith towards God’s sovereign will. God bless you.

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