Family and The Gospel.

Jeremiah 11:19 “But I was like a gentle lamb led to the slaughter. I did not know it was against me they devised schemes, saying,“Let us destroy the tree with its fruit, let us cut him off from the land of the living, that his name be remembered no more.” Amen, brethren Anathoth was the hometown of Jeremiah, and his own people-quite possibly his family too, were seeking to kill him, because of his preaching the Word of God that declared the imminent destruction of Jerusalem. If you are born-again and saved by the blood of Jesus Christ, you must’ve had some conflict within your own family concerning the presentation of the Gospel. To preach the Gospel message to your family is surely hard, because they may focus too much on you being family instead of the message itself. Nonetheless, that’s no excuse to miss the only saving message of Jesus Christ. Be encouraged that God will provide opportunities for your family, either with you or without you, to respond to the saving message of Jesus Christ. Jeremiah was like a lamb sent to be slaughtered for the sake of God’s Word, because though Jerusalem was blatantly following false gods, they were not repentent and would not listen to rebuke. Foreshadowing Jesus Christ, He was lead like a lamb, but He was The Lamb of God’s Perfect Sacrifice. The Bible reveals Jesus Christ in every page-it has nothing to do with us. Instead of trying to find yourselves within God’s Word, find God Himself and glorify Him. God bless you!

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