What have I done?

Jeremiah 8:6 “I have paid attention and listened, but they have not spoken rightly; no man relents of his evil, saying, ‘What have I done?’ Everyone turns to his own course, like a horse plunging headlong into battle.” Brethren, Jeremiah speaks in the 8th chapter about Jerusalem’s treachery and sin before the LORD. He confirms that God has waited and listened for repentance to come but none has been heard in the mouths of God’s people. Does this not apply to today? Everyone seemingly going their own way of evil and not relenting? Even in churches now, to discipline, correct, reproof and exhort are deemed by the liberal church as unfriendly and dare I say “unloving”. If we were honest with ourselves, we would say that to not correct and reproof each other would be unloving because your care for that person and their walk with God is proven non-existent. Men are like horses driving into battle. Horses are fixated when I battle. They have armor places upon them which keep their eyes focused front. We do that to ourselves when we desire to sin instead of repent. We don’t look on our peripheral sides to prepare for an attack while we blindly pursue forward after the lusts of our flesh. Brethren, please maintain a broken and contrite heart. It is God who saves. You are just the canvas that He’s painting His glory on, if your sin is wiped clean so that He can make something beautiful out of you. If you have not repented and trusted in Jesus Christ as Savior, ten your still condemned and the canvas still remains unclean and unable to be used by God. If you don’t know Christ or if you claim to, but aren’t showing proof of salvation, stop for a second, look at yourself humbly and ask yourself, “What have I done?” God bless you.

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