The Joy of Repentance.

Jeremiah 3:25 “Let us lie down in our shame, and let our dishonor cover us. For we have sinned against the Lord our God, we and our fathers, from our youth even to this day, and we have not obeyed the voice of the Lord our God.” Brethren, Jer. 3 ends with a repentant statement from The people of God’s nation. They were being rebuked for the idol worship of Baal and Asherah (as we saw a couple days ago). It’s a beautiful thing when a heart is stripped of its pride and admits it’s sin, and is ashamed. That’s why the Gospel is so important. It’s not intended to “add to your life” like some accessory. The Gospel is the good news of salvation offered for sinners, but one must admit their sin before the Gospel could have any effect. Please pray for Lisa and Dwayne. They are 2 people that I witnessed the Gospel to yesterday and prayerfully the Holy Spirit is already beginning to strip them of self-pride and religion, and is making them into a true convert from sin to righteousness in Christ. God bless you.

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