Partiality to no man.

Job 32:21 “I will not show partiality to any man or use flattery toward any person.” Brethren, young Elihu was with Job and his 3 friends as they debated, expecting Job’s friends to respond to self-righteous Job by glorifying God, but they only argued in there strength, not for God. In the cases of our own brethren acting with self-righteousness or in a way that doesn’t glorify God, let’s wait to respond only to pray that they are rebuked lovingly by the LORD. If not, then the LORD may use you to bring your brother to his knees before God. Self-righteousness is honoring yourself, not God. Responding to a self-righteous person in your own strength for your own gratification is honoring God either. Simply, remind them of God’s sovereignty, love and wisdom. God bless you today.

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