White House allows over-the-counter birth control?

As you may know, the White House, regardless of the Godly principles that it began on, have been increasingly separating itself from Godly laws and principles. One example is the recent allowance of birth control to be sold OVER THE COUNTER to any woman-regardless of age. Though this may not appear to be a big issue, considering the downward spiral of morality nowadays, the Bible states that “Thou shall not murder”. – Exodus 20:13. In its context, God gave the law to Moses to expose our sin and reveal our need for redemption, which is why Jesus Christ (God) died for our sins. When God instructs us to not murder, it’s in reference to the shedding of innocent blood. How much more innocent can you get than a baby who hasn’t even been born yet!? Regardless of our opinions, we still remain as simple creations saved by our Creator’s grace, and upheld by His standards. God bless you today.

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